Promoting wellness for our employees

Promoting wellness for our employees

There’s more to health than avoiding sickness.  Health and well-being benefit us both personally and professionally; helping us grow and keeping us happy and productive.  

We’ve put health and wellness at the center of our sustainability strategy for employees, as part of our people cornerstone. We aim to inspire each other to lead a lifestyle that promotes good health with regular exercise, healthy eating and ensuring everyone has access to quality medical services. 

As the World Health Organization (WHO), launches its annual World Health Day campaign, we celebrate the healthy activities we have been offering our employees all year round. We are proud of our achievements and of the avid participation we have seen.  

In the past year, we initiated several programs at our facilities around the world to promote health. 14 of our sites, in 6 different countries, organized hundreds of activities to benefit employee health. Over 44,000 of us participated in health fairs, massive dance and yoga lessons, sports tournaments, physical and mental health examinations, and nutritional assessments. We attended events and awareness campaigns for everything from breastfeeding to metabolic functioning to addiction.  

Some of the specific initiatives we participated in included

  • An after-work fitness training programs, gym memberships and access to nutrition experts in Mexico;
  • Breastfeeding program including equipment and facilities for women that wanted to continue saving milk for their children after returning to work from maternity leave in Brazil; 
  • A health lecture series, sports and physical health examinations for employees in China; 
  • A blood donation campaign in Malaysia; 
  • A health fair in Austria. 
  • All our efforts contribute to the United Nations SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being goals for sustainability and indirectly, the SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth goals. 

Here are some of the ways we are promoting health at our sites around the world

U.S. Flex wellness program 

We developed a Flex Wellness program in the U.S., through which employees enrolled in a Flex medical plan have access to HealthTap, a hub for virtually managing all their healthcare needs. 69% of eligible employees have an active HealthTap account. It is available on a mobile device or personal computer and allows eligible employees to explore wellness tips and communicate with top physicians through live video consults anytime, anywhere. 

¡ACTIVATE! exercise program in Guadalajara, Mexico

In Mexico, our health and wellness program included free physical activities available after work hours. Since October 2017, more than 150 exercise activities were deployed. We also offered an initial medical evaluation, a periodic nutritional assessment, and a physical condition evaluation for participating employees. We offered cross fit training, a monthly gym membership prize for assistants, and this year, we invite our employees’ families to participate in a 5K race.

Breastfeeding program in Jaguariúna, Brazil

We offered women the chance to participate in a program to continue breastfeeding after returning from maternity leave by offering a space in the medical clinic to pump milk.

Women were given access to a refrigerator, a clean safe place to pump, and a kit was provided to each participant for pumping. The women were free to use the space during working hours, and education on hygiene and milk storage was provided.  

Flexkiloton 2018 in Aguascalientes, Mexico

At the Aguascalientes site, we started an employee weight loss competition, focused on losing weight in a healthy manner. Progress was monitored weekly for 5 weeks by several teams that participated. Nutrition advice and planning was offered. At the end of the 5 weeks all participants were recognized by the Medical Service and HR team. The first, second and third place groups got prizes recognizing their efforts. 

Suzhou, China 2018 annual physical examination  

We initiated the opportunity for our Suzhou employees to have a health examination at the Meinian University. Around 1,800 employees in the Suzhou plant participated in the program.  

Zhuhai, China health lecture 

Our employees participated in a psychological training series of courses we offered, which started in April 2018 and finished in July. The topics were selected to help employees improve daily life and work. Topics ranged from front line management to parent-child relations. 

In December of 2018, we brought fitness equipment to this site, offering treadmills, weights, ecliptics, and more to 31,000 employees at both the North and South campus. We also hosted wellness activities outside of the office, such as starting a bike group that meets to ride bikes through the city and on nearby trails.  

Employee wellness program & blood donation campaign in Skudai, Malaysia 

Our Skudai site in Malaysia, last October, organized a Wellness Program and Blood Donation Campaign. Activities were carried out in collaboration with government agencies, nonprofits, private agencies and services providers. About 1,200 employees visited the fair and took part in activities such as Body Mass Index (BMI) screening, drug awareness education, blood donation, retirement planning, depression and anxiety information, nutrition information, and more. 

Althofen Austria Health Fair


Every two years we host a health fair in Althofen. Last year, 15 exhibitors gave our employees a chance to test their health, try sports programs and gather health information. 400 employees attended. 

Exhibitors included local government offering lung x-rays and lungs function tests, BMI testing, hearing tests, insurance information, information on aging, understanding metabolism, orthopedics, psychology, and addiction. We also did yoga. We ate healthy food and offered fitness center prizes to participants.  

Overall, our efforts around the world are tied to the same goals: to promote health among our employees. We continue to look for opportunities to promote healthy habits and lifestyles not only today, on World Health Day, but also every day.  

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