Navigating the evolving automotive ecosystem

Navigating the evolving automotive ecosystem

The evolving automotive ecosystem


If you thought autonomous vehicles (AVs) were decades away, think again. The technology is almost here, and the advantages include safer roads, less traffic and a cleaner environment. To create a competitive product in this changing landscape, automakers who once relied on traditional partnerships are beginning to make direct relationships with technology companies and suppliers. That’s where cloud leaders come into the evolving automotive value chain – and the new landscape unfolds.


Automotive and cloud come together for the car of the future 


A fully functional connected vehicle is possible, but only when automotive, communications and cloud leaders join forces. While automotive technology leaders have created some aesthetic features for connected vehicles in the past, they are now rethinking the role of the cloud and including it as a core element of the AV ecosystem.


To navigate a future with connected and autonomous vehicles, automotive leaders need to work together with leaders in cloud technology. Cloud computing provides the infrastructure and roadmap to support AVs. Without connectivity or the cloud, autonomy doesn’t work. Connectivity allows AVs to “see” further than any visual sensor could and to “talk” to other vehicles and to the infrastructure around them.


We integrate advanced engineering capabilities with smart automation technology and implementation solutions to help our customers deploy highly efficient infrastructure. And our Sketch to Scale® services are powered by an experienced global team of design engineers, test facilities and accredited labs.


Build the cloud infrastructure needed to support autonomous vehicles


Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) have one important trait in common – the ability to communicate. And like a smartphone on wheels, CAVs collect massive amounts of data. What will auto manufacturers do with all this data? The answer to that question is poised to turn the traditional automotive value chain on its head. 


For example, autonomous vehicles are currently mapped on a 1-5 scale. Cars today have basic connectivity features we would categorize as a level 2 or 3. A level 5, or fully autonomous, AV is still several years away from hitting the roads. A level 5 AV could use as much as 4,000 gigabytes of data per day, according to Intel. Automotive leaders will need to have cloud infrastructure in place to process and store that data.


We build data centers that are scalable for your needs and provide the agility you need to stay competitive. Our capabilities extend to edge computing, which is critical to dealing with AV data because it allows data to be processed closer to where it is created, instead of transporting it to remote cloud data centers. 


ACES and the new era of mobility


Automotive companies seeking a competitive edge should look to implement the “ACES” elements in their AVs – autonomy, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility. 


Developing the hardware and software required for AVs would be challenging and time consuming for a single company. Our capabilities with edge computing make it possible to process and store large amounts of data quickly and cost effectively with the help of the cloud. Edge data centers will be constructed to keep latency low.


We help develop autonomous vehicles with a unique approach to ACES: 

  • Autonomy – We advance the transition to autonomy through decades of servers and automotive expertise. This includes driving computers, sensors and sensor fusion models.

  • Connectivity – We help with seamless automotive connections using knowledge from across the connected ecosystem. For example, domain controllers, ethernet switching, gateway modules, telematics and vehicle to everything (V2X).

  • Electrification – We improve vehicle efficiencies, power transfer and power storage at a competitive cost. Our expertise includes converters and inverters, solenoids, steering ECUs and wiring.

  • Smart Tech – We enhance the automotive consumer experience with innovative cross-industry smart solutions. Our work is found in HMI/head units, interior and exterior lighting, media hubs and wireless charging, overhead consoles, smart actuators, textiles and wearables.

Get extraordinary versatility and scalability from a partner that is experienced, adaptable and invested in your success. As these technologies converge, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to deliver differentiated solutions. We bring a full spectrum of technology and services together to make AVs possible. From cloud to edge computing to the automotive ecosystem, we have the real-world experience to take you further.




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