Taking a mind-blowing 3D holographic experience from the lab to the world

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3D holographic digital signage
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The challenge


HYPERVSN Solo is an advanced technology used to create awe-inspiring holographic 3D digital signage campaigns, holographic billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events and digital point of sale displays.


“A 3D content experience that engages people’s hearts and blows their minds” 






Combining hardware and software to produce an impressive holographic 3D image which appears to hover in the air, HYPERVSN Solo can display media up to 75cm in size. HYPERVSN Wall, a multi-unit version of the technology that integrates any number of Solo devices into an all-in-one solution, can create breathtaking 3D visual experiences of virtually any size, including sound synchronization capabilities. 


The original idea behind the technology was somewhat more modest, inspired by a vibrant bicycle culture in Oxford. The idea was to create a smart network that would enable all the bicycles on a specific route to project high-quality 3D hologram videos on their wheels. 


Kiryl Chykeyuk, an Oxford PhD graduate, and his co-founder Art Stavenka are the creative minds behind the technology. “With the knowledge of the technological landscape at the time, Art and I knew, that what we had developed was unique because it would eliminate the need for wearables – glasses or headsets – which was and still is a requirement for existing virtual reality and 3D content,” Chykeyuk explained. 


“We were effectively using the same ecosystem for 2D and delivering a 3D content experience that engages people’s hearts and blows their minds. We wanted to commercialize the technology and take it to the next level, which meant getting in front of venture capitalists and investors to fund our start-up,” Chykeyuk said. “Following our success in the Pitch to the Rich competition in 2015, we were invited to the Founders Forum in London in 2015, where a chance encounter with Flex helped us realize the next step in our ambitions.” 


That was the beginning of our collaboration with HYPERVSN to fully commercialize their product. 



The solution


Finding the right strategic partner was important to the HYPERVSN team in order to scale from a prototype to a product that could be mass produced and shipped globally. After exploring several of our production facilities around the world, the HYPERVSN team chose Cork, Ireland. “We immediately developed a rapport and felt confident with their approach. Their culture was a fit with ours,” said Alla Demidova, chief operations officer at HYPERVSN. 


With manufacturing and distribution service logistics located on-site, we gave HYPERVSN a complete end-to-end solution from production right through to shipping. With HYPERVSN we also refined the product during the design for manufacturing process, including product testing and certification for European and U.S. electrical standards.


Thomas Moore, a general manager at Flex, was part of the design for manufacturing process. The Flex and HYPERVSN teams worked closely together on the project; with ongoing collaboration on manufacturing improvements across several parameters to drive efficiencies. 


While HYPERVSN had already identified preferred suppliers for some of the custom parts of the product, they counted on us to source generic materials from our worldwide network of providers. Our $180 billion spend on parts annually helped us negotiate the price of the full bill of materials, as well as manage the lead times of each part. 

hypervsn holographic experience
“From the start, Flex has taken on the responsibility of delivering a high-quality, mass-produced product and managing our supply chain, allowing us to focus on our core business
- Alla Demidova,Chief operations officer, HYPERVSN


The result


We completed product introduction processes and onboarding by June 2017. By the end of that year, almost 2500 units were manufactured and shipped as well as increasing the process and test capability of the latest models to approximately 500 units per week during that same period.


We store the product at our Flex on-site warehouse until it’s ready to be shipped directly to customers across 80 different countries. HYPERVSN devices are packaged individually, but can be shipped separately or in bulk as a multiple product order, depending on the order requirements and standards.


We make ourselves available for continuous tweaks and upgrades to the product suggested by the engineering service team on an ongoing basis. To date, we have built and shipped over 10,000 HYPERVSN units – and we have scheduled another 10,000 for distribution worldwide. Volkswagen, Unicef, Coca Cola and Adidas are among the companies using this technology today.


“We appreciate that HYPERVSN design engineers are constantly striving to deliver the best solution. This is in line with our company culture,” Moore said. “We are committed to collaboration and fast execution. Our teams are geared up and ready to integrate any design improvements HYPERVSN needs.”


The HYPERVSN team agrees: the collaboration is a win-win. 


“From the start, Flex has taken on the responsibility of delivering a high-quality, mass-produced product and managing our supply chain, allowing us to focus on our core business,” Demidova said. “With Flex, we were able to deliver our innovative technology to the marketplace and we look forward to working with them into the future to bring our 3D innovation to our customers around the world.”

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