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Palo Alto Networks and Flex – the power of partnership

What does true partnership look like? Is it a signature on the dotted line? A commitment to mutual benefit? Or is it more than that – the recognition that we’re simply better together?


Certainly, partnership is all of these things. But we believe true partnership lies in the power of people showing up for each other. Our partnership with Palo Alto Networks recently demonstrated just how powerful the simple act of showing up for one another can be.


From humble beginnings – to a 2,000% growth


For over a decade, we’ve been the manufacturing partner for Palo Alto Networks’ cybersecurity products. We’ve witnessed many milestones together during that time. In 2009, we helped Palo Alto Networks introduce their first products to market out of our NPI production facilities in Milpitas. We celebrated with them when they went public in 2012. And over the last eleven years, we’ve helped them ramp their sustaining business by 2,000% while also shipping their products through our direct order fulfilment (DOF) services.


Palo Alto Networks supports critical essential businesses


In turn, we’ve relied on Palo Alto Networks’ industry-leading network security suite, led by the next-generation firewall (NGFW) to secure our users, applications and data around the world. When faced with protecting our workforce in a global pandemic, Palo Alto Networks helped us secure our remote workforce in a matter of days.


And we weren’t the only ones – critical businesses around the world, including schools, hospitals and research institutions, rely on Palo Alto Networks’ next-gen cybersecurity solutions. With the sudden increase in remote workers, Palo Alto Networks faced unprecedented demand for their products, resulting in material shortages.


Teamwork prevents material shortages in a time of need


With the looming risk that shortages could prevent critical businesses from getting critical products, our priorities were simple: keep our employees in the factory safe and keep production running to get Palo Alto Networks products out the door. Together, we worked around the clock to align supply chain and production. By quarter end, we hadn’t just met demand – we’d exceeded it.


It was a very strong collaboration. Day by day, we were working together to mitigate any risk, to keep our people safe and keep our buildings operational.
- Zahid Hussain, Flex VP of Operations


A socially distanced show of appreciation


Each day, our teams in the factory continued to show up to make sure Palo Alto Networks’ products got out the door. So on a cloudy morning in April, they showed up for us.


That morning, 30 cars of Palo Alto Networks employees swarmed the Milpitas campus parking lot to show their socially distanced appreciation. Amid a chorus of honking horns and flashing headlights, Palo Alto Networks employees and their families cheered their thanks from the windows of their cars.


While this creative show of appreciation was unique, the teams regularly show their gratitude for one another during quarterly lunches, hosted by the Palo Alto Networks teams to thank all those involved in building and delivering their product.


The power of partnership


We’re proud of our strong partnership with Palo Alto Networks, the growth we’ve experienced together, and our ability to collaborate to bring essential products to market. 


We have a long-standing, successful relationship with Palo Alto Networks. Our strong partnership is rooted in the knowledge that we win together and we both invest in each other’s continued success.
- Raejeanne Skillern, President of Cloud, Enterprise and Communications at Flex

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